COVID-19 Update

March 13, 2020

COVID-19 is now found in 44 states. Likely, it will be in all states in short order. Patient numbers are likely to increase before this pandemic wanes. The impact to public health agencies is significant. The toll on Health Department staff can wear them down or easily become overwhelming. Wiland Associates, LLC has personnel working in several Health Departments across the US. We are providing suggestions for efficient operation during this complex and growing scenario; offering advice on the use of the Incident Command System for management of the incident; and supplementing Health Department IMT personnel who are in short supply after several exhausting weeks of continuous operation. Your IMT might consider reaching out to your Health Department (would require proper agreements for authority/reimbursement). They might need additional staffing. They might benefit from an introduction to either the Incident Command System or the concept of Incident Management Teams. Wiland has had good success providing staffing for Area Command and/or Team management positions (IC, Command and General Staff) with health-related personnel holding Deputy and Assistant positions for IC, Operations, and Safety positions. As always, Wiland is happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us if you need information or any other assistance. Take care. Stay safe. Be well ! ! ! !
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