Diverse Cadre Delivers Course in Florida

Diverse Cadre Delivers Course in Florida

May 06, 2016

A diverse cadre has wrapped up another All Hazards Incident Management Team Course in Collier County, Florida. The Cadre that delivered this course represented multiple disciplines. A team leader will look to diversify an incident management team with different disciplines to enhance the team’s capability. Wiland embraces the same philosophy for the cadre that presents the All Hazards Curriculum. This Cadre represented: Emergency Management, Fire, EMS, Wiland Fire, Law Enforcement and Special Operations.


During the course the cadre will find different opportunities to enhance the class with interactive discussion or presentations. During this course a demonstration of a tactics meeting was held in front of the class by the cadre. In addition an in depth forms review was done using large forms to demonstrate the flow of information. 

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