March 23, 2017

IEM subcontracted with Wiland Associates in 2015 to provide planning and training support for a project IEM was conducting for the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA). This project was designed to create a credentialing and certification program for EOC support personnel. The customer POC had specifically requested that Wiland be on IEM's team based on their reputation for IMT and ICS training.

For this project Wiland provided instructors for two sessions of the USFA 0 -305 AHIMT course, and for six ICS position-specific courses. The ICS courses included Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, Finance/Administration Section Chief Resource Unit Leader, Logistics Section Chief, and Planning Section Chief. Wiland also helped IEM develop and conduct a workshop to initiate the certification program, evaluate certification applications, and provide evaluators to observe EOC personnel during a two-day EOC planned event activation and sign-off on Position Task Books where appropriate.

Based on the success of this project, IEM received a second contract to continue the credentialing and certification process, and Wiland again participated on the team to provide 0 -305 and ICS positionspecific training. For this contract the ICS courses included Liaison Officer, Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, and Situation Unit Leader.

IEM's assessment is that Wiland fully completed all subcontracted tasks, and met or exceeded our expectations for performance in three specific areas:

Given the opportunity again, I would not hesitate to re -engage Wiland Associates for future work involving emergency management training, exercises, or program development.

Mark A. Scott
IEM Senior Subject Matter Expert

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