Position Task Book Work in Saint Paul Minnesota

July 26, 2016

The Wiland Team strives to make the most of our time we have with our clients. In some cases our work is not done when we leave. We are available for phone calls, emails and any other form of communication to help meet your agencies need. In this case we are highlighting one example of a Wiland instructor making sure the job was done right. Our Cadre is available to mentor teams during exercises, activations and deployments. This is usually an opportunity for individuals to work on their position specific task books with qualified Type 3, Type 2 and Type 1 IMT mentors. It is important to invest the necessary time to evaluate, discuss and verify tasks that are completed. In this case, a Wiland IMT mentor had to take his work home with him to make sure it was done and done right. Thanks Stephen Foley for getting it done.


It is always rewarding when our instructors are able to continue to work and connect with repeat students and agencies. These opportunities support the development of valuable relationships. In the example we highlighted the student had attended multiple IMT classes delivered by our cadre. These relationships enhance the students experience and support the Wiland Mission of Building Bridges in our Incident Management and Emergency Management Community.


Thanks Blake for the nice note and continue the good work. Blake is an Emergency Management Specialist with Department of Emergency Management in Saint Paul, Minnesota.




I wanted to let you know that I received the task-book back today. I appreciate you taking the time to sign-off on these tasks and for your support. Over the past two weeks I have been able to use an incredible amount of what I have learned from you and all the other Wiland trainers during our EOC activation for our demonstrations. Its been a busy month, looking forward to some peace and quiet next week out East.


Thank You,


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