Resource Unit Class in Fishers Indiana

Resource Unit Class in Fishers Indiana

April 06, 2016

Students in the Resource Class in Fishers Indiana got plenty of hands on experience. Instructors were able to provide 3 additional exercises, which included completing 3 Incident Action Plans and T-Carding numerous resources. Exercises were focused on a Hazardous Materials Incident, a Search and Rescue Incident and a Fire Incident. The additional exercises provided the each student with the opportunity to improve their skills as a Resource Unit Leader. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the priorities of a Resource Unit Leader, Situation Unit Leader or a Planning Section Chief when they arrive at a developing incident?

Establish Accountability, who is here and who is coming.

Begin to establish and support a common operating picture. There are many ways to accomplish this task. Always work on the closing the loop of information, sharing information is a powerful tool. Create visual displays of information.

  • What guidance do you have for a new Resource Unit Leader?

We are objective driven, process reliant and resource dependent.

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