South Carolina Forestry Commission

August 19, 2009

Richard Andring of Wiland Associates has been instrumental in assisting our four All-Hazard Incident Management Teams in gaining the necessary training and skills to become viable as NIMS Compliant Type 3 Teams.

As the State Coordinator for these teams I have had the pleasure of working closely with Richard over the last two years to obtain the 6-Day All Hazards IMT course and all eight of the Position Specific Training classes. He worked very professionally and with great enthusiasm exploring our needs and asking the right questions in the development of our training. 

The courses we have received from Wiland Associates have been well taught. The instructors have been excellent and with wide Type 1 and 2 experience and background and were extremely engaging and able to provide real world examples when answering questions. This went a long way toward giving the training credibility. The material has been appropriate and adjusted to the audience. They have been extremely flexible to meet our schedules and time frames. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality training.

Wiland has certainly set the standard from which we will measure training courses in the future.

—Steve, South Carolina Forestry Commission

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