City of Saint Paul- Department of Emergency Management

January 08, 2014

It is with pleasure that I would like to express my recommendation for Wiland Associates for your Incident Management and Emergency Management training needs.

The City of Saint Paul has utilized Wiland Associates extensively for Incident Management and Emergency Operations Center training since 2012. Specifically, the City of Saint Paul has delivered over 14 classes to support our Incident Management and Emergency Management capability. Wiland also was the selected provider of a major city sponsored Table-Top Exercise involving over 150 city personnel and regional response partners.

Wiland utilizes a customer-focused approach and has always provided a quality product, based upon our needs and our objectives. The credible and experienced instructor cadre that represents Wiland has always shared experience where valuable and helpful insights based on the students level of experience.

Specifically, Wiland helped our city plan and deliver two courses – one dealing with the IMT/EOC Interface (FEMA course G-191), one dealing with EOC Operations (G-775) and followed up with an exercise involving our field responders and our EOC team. These two classes and exercise was the top rated training and exercise experience in our Department of Emergency Management history!

In short, Saint Paul’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management efforts have been greatly enhanced through our relationship with Wiland as our preferred training vendor.

If I can provide any further assistance regarding this reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards;

Rick Larkin
Emergency Management Director
City of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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