Multnomah County Health Department - Emergency Preparedness & Response

May 13, 2014

Hamilton County Indiana
Hamilton County Health Department

To whom it may concern,

With great pleasure, I am drafting this letter of reference for Wiland Associates LLC. I have a fair amount of experience with their services as both a student of their courses and as client for their contracted services.

Earlier this fiscal year, I contracted with Wiland to come and provide the AHIMT course instruction to our 3 Incident Management Teams. · Having been a student of their courses in the past, I was confident of the level of knowledge, skill, and expertise that would be provided and I was not disappointed in the least. Our post course surveys included the comments "best training I have ever taken" and "I was skeptical that a 40 hour course would keep me engaged, but I was wrong".

I would highly recommend that you engage Wiland's training cadre to instruct your public health staff in any portions of the Incident Command System of management. Our teams now feel as though they have skills and the confidence that they didn't have before, even though they had checklists and other information available to them. Wiland's training platform specializes in pulling all the ICS concepts together and really delivering on the practical application of those concepts that are often hazy to even the individuals who seem to have a sound understanding of NIMS.

Please feel free to contact me personally should you have more questions that I can assist with.

Jerusha Kasch, MS CCJS
Multnomah County Health Department Emergency Manager

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