Kent Fire Department

July 16, 2007

This letter is written in support and recommendation of Richard Andring partner and associate of Wiland Associates LLC. Wiland Associates is a training consultant based in Selah, Washington who provided Kent (WA) Fire Department and King County Zone 3 extensive training in ICS including a personalized delivery of the Plans Section training.

Mr. Andring was instrumental in the delivery of the training. He worked very professionally and with great enthusiasm to customize the training to fit the needs of our agencies. Mr. Andring spent considerable time and energy exploring our needs and asking the right questions in the development of the training.

The final product provided Kent Fire Department and other Zone 3 agencies was right on target. He and his associate instructors provided the tiered training for the ICS Plans Section that fit our needs perfectly. The Wiland group provided the component training with professional expertise and with an eye on our personal needs. The overwhelming consensus in the class critiques was of satisfaction and appreciation for the attention to the individual and regional specific needs. In my experience this is not the usual track taken by a contractor or consultant. Many times what you get is the "canned" one size fits all presentation. This is not what we received from Mr. Andring and that was a very welcomed change.

I would recommend Richard Andring and Wiland Associates to any organization that is committed to improving their response and general skills and abilities in all hazard response training. Mr. Andring and his team are professional, thorough and committed to a quality product and individual needs of the customer.

—Dominic, Kent Fire Department

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