Vancouver Fire Department

February 09, 2009

Having concluded the All Hazard I ncident Management Team training that you and your team conducted, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you specific feedback about the tremendous quality of the course.

Your instructor cadre truly reflected the all hazard nature of the type of course it is. Usually, one would expect an all Fire cadre talking theoretically about other

disciplines, but having different disciplines represented from various credible agencies throughout the U.S. added to the credibitity of the instruction and to the richness of the learning process.

The attendees of the course ranged from people with lots of experience to people with very little. This is a difficult mix to teach to. You stand to lose one group or the other. However, 1 was impressed that your instructors found ways and opportunities to engage everyone, regardless of position, experience, or personality type.

In short, the class was probably the best ICS course and the best team-building course I've taken in my 33 years in the fire service.

Congratulations on delivering such a high quality product! I'm looking forward to additional courses your company delivers.

—Don, Vancouver Fire Department

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